Start A Blog That Matters in 2020

The blogging world is growing day by day and more people are getting online their online blog. This blog was started to help the online world while learning and sharing about online news.

There are many things to learn when going about starting a blog but you can millions of people have started their own blog.

Recently we spoke to top digital entrepreneur Fernando Raymond and he said starting a blog was the best thing he did when starting to how to earn money online. His first blog still exists and now he writes on his personal Blog on digital entrepreneurship.

What do you need to start a Blog?

  1. First, pick a niche
  2. Get a domain name
  3. Buy Blog hosting
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Start Publishing
  6. Do on-page SEO
  7. Share on social media
  8. keep doing

Those are simple 8 steps shared by Fernando at ClickDo to teach anyone how to start a blog UK.

He has simplified everything to help thousands of people start Blogging in India. Below you can read the infographic to learn it all about how to start a blog that matters. Head over by clicking on the Infographics to learn more Fernando Raymond’s blog.

how to start a blog in india