Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting is the process of forcefully propelling a jet of abrasive material at high speed against a non-porous surface in an attempt to smooth away a rough surface, roughese a smooth surface or reduce surface contaminants. The abrasive material used for Shot Blasting is primarily comprised of steel powder or a combination of steel powder and carbon, but other materials are used as well as granite, marble, concrete, ceramics, wood, glass, and plastic. Shot Blasting is done by crushing, grinding, or punching the surface to be shot, which causes the surface to become rougher, smoother or less abrasive. The rougher the surface the more abrasive material is required, and this is why shot blasting are often done at commercial or industrial facilities.

Shot Blasting and How it works

Shot Blasting has many applications across the entire industrial and construction industry. There are numerous advantages of Shot Blasting. Firstly, it helps to increase productivity by reducing wear and tear and improving quality. In addition, Shot Blasting helps to reduce waste by reducing the amount of time spent preparing and cleaning the surface after the job is complete. This is done by removing surface debris that may otherwise be left behind by the abrasive agent and by allowing the debris to be recycled back into the production system.

Shot Blasting also reduces cost by increasing efficiency in operation. More of the material can be applied with fewer personnel required to do the work. The increase in efficiency in the operation results in a reduction in costs, as a single employee is able to do a lot more than one employee before.