Is primerica a pyramid scheme – i’m a remote worker | The Truth About Network Marketing

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Primerica’s network is built on their basic income system, is primerica a pyramid scheme – i’m a remote worker. The product they sell is called “mini-businesses” and each person who joins has a specific responsibility. This involves everything from answering questions, answering emails, doing research, etc. A lot of new members find themselves working two or three jobs to get the job done. It isn’t uncommon for a Primerica distributor to have to work two or three jobs in order to meet their income requirements.

IIs primerica a pyramid scheme – i’m a remote worker | How to spot a pyramid scheme – Stacie Bosley

Once new distributors are recruited, they start signing people up for sales leads. These leads are people that have shown an interest in the opportunity and want to try out the product. In order to increase the number of sales the sales agents make, they will sometimes send products to these prospects that aren’t really worth their time or money. Because of the large number of sales, the new distributors earn commissions based on the sales of these prospects that have become a “residual income”. The residual income doesn’t always payout in cash, but the members have the potential to earn money through other means.

The network and sales recruiting methods of this company are legitimate and can be very lucrative for those who are interested in becoming a distributor. However, they are not a scheme as much as a network marketing business. Because of their high turnover rate and a number of problems that have been reported in the past, it is hard to consider them a true business.