Asbestos – High Risk Industries For Asbestos Exposure

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Phase One Asbestos is treated differently than the next stages of treatment. During this stage, the body tries to rid itself of asbestosis by killing healthy cells. The lung is a tissue that does not replace itself, so as soon as the lung cells are eliminated, there will be a rapid rise in the number of lung tissues that will continue to grow.

Mesothelioma: Understanding the Dangers of Asbestos Exposure

However, if the body is able to destroy asbestosis through treatment with this stage, the lung is still able to produce lungs, and new lungs can be created when the asbestos fibers are removed from the body. This is called phase two.Phase Three Asbestos fibers can be removed from the lungs through surgery. It is still highly dangerous to breath, so it is extremely important for the patient to have an inhalation tube to help with breathing.

Phase Four Asbestos can be removed using other methods. If there is not enough room in the lung to remove all of the asbestos fibers, they can be taken out through surgical procedures called aspiration. Aspiration is the removal of the asbestos fibers through a catheter inserted into the lungs. the lungs, through a small incision. There are many different types of aspiration equipment available, such as a bronchoscope, or endoscope.

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